Conditions right for potholes to form

The Indiana Department of Transportation is warning drivers the warmer weather after freezing temperatures creates the right conditions for potholes to form.
Potholes form when water in cracks in the roadway freezes and expands. After the ice thaws, traffic loosens the pavement and potholes form.

Send pictures of Michiana potholes to [email protected] or post them to social media with the hashtag #57potholeproblems. Just tell us the location of the pothole and your name (for credit).

INDOT crews try to prevent potholes by sealing roadway cracks.

During the cold weather months, INDOT uses a cold mix as a temporary patch to fix potholes that have formed.

To report a pothole on a numbered state route, interstate or U.S. highway, contact your regional INDOT district or follow the “Report a Concern” link at  For potholes on city streets or county roads, please contact the proper city or county maintenance department.

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