Connect with local history this holiday season at Copshaholm

SOUTH BEND, Ind.,--A lot has changed throughout South Bend’s history, but some things have stood the test of time! The History Museum closes its 125th year anniversary of the mansion with Christmas at Copshaholm.   

According to Marilyn Thompson, Marketing Director of the History Museum, decorating the house begins on November 1, and the rest of the month is spent decorating like its 1897 with music and more.  

“It was 125 years ago that JD and Anna Oliver and their four children moved into their new home at 808 W. Washington St. —Copshaholm as they would later call it," says Thompson. "We decorate for Christmas every year, but this year it seems as though the decorations are really special because we were looking at that anniversary.” 

Tours during Christmas at Copshaholm are self-guided, providing visitors the rare opportunity to walk through the mansion at their own pace, staying as long as they want in each room. You can celebrate the holidays at the mansion by taking a guided tour of Copshaholm, or by attending an event like Christmas at Copshaholm. 

You can tour the mansion at dusk, taking in the Victorian décor, or enjoy an 1897 Christmas experience to learn about the historical celebrations.   

You can start celebrating Wednesday, December 7, but reservations must be made by December 5. 

You can visit Christmas at Copshaholm on Sunday, December 11th

Thompson says the experience connects people to the community.  

“When people live in a community, they feel more closely connected when they know about the history of that community and touring that this house is a very special way to learn about that history,” said Thompson.  

When you walk through the mansion and see the Victorian décor, it’s almost as if you can hear the Oliver's talk over a Christmas goose in the dining room.  

"As people walk through the house but we hear them say is 'I can’t believe I’m really seeing this house the way it looked when the Oliver family lived here.' They get a real feel and a glimpse and information about our own community’s history.” 

As guests marvel at the original furnishings and children search for the “elf on the Copsha-shelf”-- the museum provides a link between festive fun and community connection as a learning tool for the area.  

 More information can be found here.

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