Cops stumble onto $100k of marijuana while looking for stolen property

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – An anonymous tip about the location of a stolen vehicle netted not only the hot goods, but what police believe is a chop shop and a large marijuana growing operation.

Members of the St. Joseph County Police Department, Mishawaka Police Department, South Bend Police Department, the DEA Task Force, and the Indiana State Police Marijuana Eradication Team spent hours at 55310 Filbert Road Monday.

That’s where they say the stolen vehicle, evidence of a chop shop, and the marijuana grow were found.

According to police, the marijuana growing operation could have produced more than $1 million in pot annually.

They removed $100,000 worth of the narcotic Monday.

Neighbors tell us the man who lived on the property told them he had a car detailing business.

They also say he was frequently seen travelling at a high rate of speed up and down Filbert Road in a Dodge Viper, a Hummer, and other expensive cars.

Neighbors mentioned, they’ve seen many cars coming and going at all times of the day and night, but none of the people we talked to ever told police about the strange activity.

Police have not released the identity of the suspect, but neighbors say the man who lives on the property is in his early-30’s and has a wife and kids.

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