County detectives investigate stolen horse

NOW: County detectives investigate stolen horse


Police say they are investigating the theft of a horse from a Mishawaka barn in the middle of the night.

St. Joseph County Police say they are following with up with least one lead right now.

The horse, Moon, is owned by Sherrina Schuckel. She was boarding him at a farm owned by Genie Beehler on Beech Road.

“Number one I’m concerned about the horse. Whether it’s being taken care of, in good shape, it’s not hurt or something but number two the violation of somebody going onto your property going into your barn,” says Beehler.

Beehler says she and husband Jim were asleep Friday evening when they believe someone snuck into their backyard, through the barn and took Moon. They believe the suspect took the horse to a trailer parked at the end of the road.

“I’ve had horses over 60 years and they are just in your heart, it’s like losing a part of your family,” says Beehler.

Schuckel has been building a farm in Fort Wayne, preparing to move Moon in by the end of the month.

Beehler says the person who sold Moon to Schuckel had made it very clear she wanted Moon back.

That person, who has not been identified, was familiar with the Beehler property and knew how to get in and her way around the barn.

If it turns out that person stole the horse, police say they could be facing some pretty serious felony charges. Which could result in jail time.

But, Schuckel and Beehler say they just to focus on finding Moon.

“She’s so mild and gentle and so easy going and she’s just a lover! You just want to take and hug her,” says Beehler.

Schuckel says she is offering a reward for information leading to Moon’s return home.

Any information should be directed to St. Joseph County detectives at (574) 335-9669.

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