Cross country skiers rejoice at snowfall, and reopening of St. Patrick's Park

The snowfall over the past couple of days, has been a welcome change for many in Michiana. And many winter activities are just beginning to kick into high gear.

The lack of snow and warmer temperatures over the past couple of weeks, have prevented many people from enjoying their favorite winter time activities. But Sunday, people were able to enjoy their favorite parts of the season.

When Erin and Michael Bruns woke up this morning, they made a plan.

"It was a nice day out," says Erin Bruns. "It was lightly snowing and we wanted to get out and go skiing." 

And she and her husband were in luck.

St. Patrick's County Park had a chance to open up for cross country skiing, something the Leisure Services Manager, Jamie Hartzke, has been looking forward to.

"This is the first opportunity since Christmas that we were able to reopen," she explains.

It's one of her favorite parts of the season. And she's not the only one eager to take in everything winter has to offer. 

The Bruns were also excited to get out and ski.

"That's a huge perk of the Mishawaka area, I think," says Michael Bruns. "In winter, you get the snow and can go ice skating, you can go snow shoeing, and cross country skiing."

After a less than white Christmas, with rain, not flurries, there was a renewed energy in the air at the park.

It's a common favorite among many in Michiana.

"Being able to go outside," says Bruns. "I like the snow, I like being able to ski and go ice skating"

And some advice for others?

"The only way you can enjoy winter is coming out and enjoying these things in your community," says Hartzke. 

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