Fetal remains from Klopfer's home transferred to St. Joseph County

Attorney General Curtis Hill held a press conference Thursday morning to discuss the investigation into the discovery of over 2200 fetal remains at the home of the late Dr. Ulrich Klopfer.

Hill stated they are working to find answers as to what happened and how it happened and whether anyone assisted Dr. Klopfer.

St. Joseph County Coroner Michael McGann spoke at the press conference and said he received over 2200 fetal remains Wednesday evening.

McGann says they are in a secure location.

Hill stated just because the remains are in St. Joseph County doesn't mean the fetal remains are all from the clinic in South Bend. Local officials just had the space for the remains.

Jackie Walorski also spoke at the press conference. She said this was one of the most heinous, disgusting things she has ever seen and thanked Hill for investigating.

The remains were found by Dr. Klopfer's family members after his death on September 3.

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