DACA recipients and their parents respond to the program's repeal

NOW: DACA recipients and their parents respond to the program’s repeal


ELKHART-Ind.- In tears a mother, who wished to remain anonymous shared her story with ABC57. This mother says at times they feel like they are treated like criminals.

“We are not selling drugs, we are not murders, we are not aggressive,” says a Dreamer’s mother. “We’re people that have made it here to work and build a better life. We want this country to grow.”

This woman’s daughter has pursued her passion and is now a full time employee. She says Tuesday morning was full of tears.

“Hurt, sadness and disappointment,” she said she felt. “As parents, we brought our children to this country for a better and new life.”

The Trump Administration announced on Tuesday the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, but this mother says that for some this is the only place they call home.

“They have lived all their lives here,” she says. “Sometimes they don’t even know what is in their country of origin. They have no idea.”

So what could be next for them? “Those are questions without answers because nothing is certain, we did not expect this,” says the mom. “It’s hard putting ourselves in their shoes, but I have a lot of clients that live with this dream of being part of DACA and now that’s gone.”

She says she repeatedly told her daughter not to lose faith and hope, but has a suggestion for the entire Latino community.

“In order to help our Dreamers we should all come together and not contribute to the economy in the U.S. so that they understand that we play a vital role in this economy,” says the Dreamer’s mother.

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