Dangerous heat illness potential this weekend

NOW: Dangerous heat illness potential this weekend

As the mid to upper 90s come back into Michiana, conditions will likely be right for some big-time heat. The well-advertised heat wave still looks to grasp onto our area Friday and pushes through the weekend, propelling heat index readings into the 100s to as high as 110 degrees for most. That means heat illnesses could be possible as you go out and about this weekend.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can definitely occur with weather conditions expected this weekend. So, it's important to know the signs if you plan on being outside over the coming days. Common signs of heat exhaustion, the lesser of the two heat illnesses, are excessive sweating, feeling faint or dizzy, nausea or vomiting, muscle cramps, and rapid, weak pulse. Heat stroke victims can experience rapid, strong pulse, massive headache, and red, hot, and dry skin. 

If you see someone suffering from these symptoms or you experience them yourself, it's important that you get that person or yourself inside in an air-conditioned place, or at least out of the shade. Cool off with a cool shower, damp towels or a fan. Make sure to rehydrate with water! Alcohol will not be helpful to replace essential nutrients that were lost. Finally, if the victim is suffering from the heat stroke symptoms, it's important to seek medical attention or call 911 as soon as possible, as heat stroke could be life-threatening. 

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