Dash cam video released from stolen ambulance chase

NOW: Dash cam video released from stolen ambulance chase

BARODA TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- Friday, ABC 57 obtained dash cam footage of a high speed chase involving a stolen ambulance. Fernando Rubalcava-Cartiel is charged with allegedly stealing the ambulance from a Panera Bread parking lot on Wednesday.

Officer John Hopkins was the first officer to engage with the stolen ambulance when it ventured onto I-94. He said he was surprised by how quickly the ambulance approached him after receiving the dispatch call.

"Approximately 10 seconds later, literally 10 seconds the ambulance went driving by me,” said Hopkins.

Hopkins immediately began pursuit of the suspect but as he caught up to the ambulance, the suspect allegedly started behaving more recklessly.

"Two miles into the chase, I pulled up on the left side of him," said Hopkins. "He looked over at me and swerved and forced me out of my lane."

Rubacaval-Cartiel stayed on I-94 for more than 20 miles before he was forced to exit after a spike strip flattened one of the ambulance’s tires.

"He made a big loop in an open area, then he came back out on to 12, crossed over the road into a church parking lot and at that point he stopped," said Hopkins.

Rubalcava-Cartiel is charged with multiple felonies. Hopkins says it is a chase that he will not soon forget.

"It's definitely a different one," said Hopkins. "I never had a high speed chase with an ambulance before."

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