Dazzling meteor shower to brighten Michiana skies

NOW: Dazzling meteor shower to brighten Michiana skies


If you have a little bit of free time this weekend, pencil in some time to view what should be an excellent show in the sky. The Lyrid meteor shower is set to peak in intensity Saturday evening into early Sunday morning. And, Michiana should have a great view of only the second meteor shower of 2018.

The Lyrids are considered an average to slightly above average shower, but is known to produce some very bright shooting stars that resemble fireballs in the sky. Sometimes these fireballs can even light up the entire night sky if bright enough. If you are looking up Saturday night, expect to witness upwards of 20 meteors per hour. Of course, it's important to remember that they won't all be large and bright. Some may be very small, and some may go unnoticed. However, your chances of seeing some great shooting stars are high.

The absolute best time to venture outside is after midnight Saturday. The moon will set at 1:39 AM, and skies are expected to be partly cloudy to mainly clear across northern Indiana and much of Michigan. In other words, conditions will be nearly ideal to witness this year's Lyrid meteor shower in Michiana. 

The Lyrids are composed of debris from Comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher as it orbits the sun. While not as vibrant and active as the Perseids meteor shower, the Lyrids are notorious for a great display if you venture to a dark place away from city lights and tall objects. The meteors will be visible all across the night sky!

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