Deadly shooting in Elkhart

NOW: Deadly shooting in Elkhart

ELKHART, Ind -- On Thursday evening, 28 year old Deontae Harris was the victim of gun violence on Cleveland Avenue in Elkhart.

Cleveland avenue and every street within a four block radius is know for its heavy foot traffic, that includes kids of all ages.

After the killing of Harris, those children will not be left unsupervised according to parents in the neighborhood.

"It’s sad that parents have to bury their own kids. And it’s just sad personally you can’t be outside enjoying and having fun with your family without worrying about when the next bullet is going to fly or at the place at the wrong time." said one anonymous parent.

The shooting took place on the street where Ullery park sits.

A park that is constantly seeing families throughout the day.

"It makes me worry about the safety of my grandchildren, my niece and cousins. And it makes me worry about the city in an overall area." said Elkhart resident Richard Gamble

Since the shooting, the neighborhood says this is tough to lose someone like Harris and they are praying for his family and friends.

As of now, after reaching out to officials, the shooting is still under investigation and no suspects have been arrested for the killing of 28 year old Deontae Harris.

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