Defensive linemen get a sack of cookies for every sack

NOW: Defensive linemen get a sack of cookies for every sack

Notre Dame's defensive linemen get a sack of cookies for every sack on the field. Coach Mike Elston's wife Beth and their three daughters bake chocolate chip cookies for the defense every week. The sweet tradition is a hit with the players.

There's a lot of work and love that goes into each cookie. A typical batch is 8 dozen cookies.

"I usually send in a big batch. The boys that get sacks the game before, get their own 'sack' of cookies. And my girls have enjoyed decorating those sacks over the years. They are getting more elaborate as the years go on," Beth Elston said.

The girls decorate each cookie sack.

"We put the name of who gets the sack on top and then we'll put, like, 'Kurt's Sack of Cookies' and then we'll design footballs and shamrocks all around the whole bag."

Their hard work doesn't go unnoticed.

"They have like 8 different colors and a rainbow in each of the letters. They definitely put their time into it.  So we definitely appreciate them trying to make a little special in our day," Khalid Kareem said.

Each cookie sack includes a special message to cheer the guys on.

"The guys love it and it's good incentive. You know, I'm not allowed to pay them for sacks, but if I can feed them and rub their belly every once in a while, then they get excited," Coach Elston said.

"It's a great way to make them feel a part of the program. And that they're supporting their dad and the players as well," Beth said.

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