Delayed ISTEP test results

New problems with ISTEP results as thousands of test taken by Hoosier students were incorrectly graded

During Wednesday’s State Board of Education meeting CTB/McGraw-Hill, the company responsible for ISTEP test scoring, was in attendance.  

CTB/McGraw-Hill revealed that there was a hiccup in scoring 2014-205 tests.

CTB/McGraw-Hill President explained the set back is a growing pain. For the first time during the computer portion of the test, students were asked to show their work instead of just selecting a letter to indicate their answer. 

Students solved problems differently than CTB/McGraw-Hill expected causing the correctly answered questions to be marked as wrong.
Officials say test will not be rescored until October or November, with the final results coming in around December.

With test results coming in later school A- F ratings will be delayed until January or February of 2016. 

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