Diamond Avenue construction project creating obstacles for neighbors

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The City of South Bend recently started work on Diamond Avenue, just West of Portage Avenue. Right now, crews are replacing a gas main, but soon they'll be digging up the entire road to put in sewer drains.

Neighbors say it is going to be a huge inconvenience for the people who live there. It is no secret the construction is going to be a pain, but neighbors say the inconvenience will be well worth the final product.

Construction crews, along the stretch of road, mark the beginning of the 2Nd phase in the huge construction project, which is designed to add new drains that will separate the storm water from the sewage. Thus, keeping the dirty water from going back into the St. Joseph River.

"In the long run it's a win win situation," says Becky Kaiser. Kaiser lives in the neighborhood and says the project wont just improve the quality of the water. The construction will also include improvements to the curbs and sidewalks, along with new trees that will be planted.

"Diamond Avenue needs some sprucing up and this is going to make the property values go up".

"When the finished product is done, it's going to beautify the neighborhood," says Terry Gates.

The improvements will  come at a price though. "We probably won't be able to get in and out of our driveways for a while," says Gates.

That is because construction crews have to dig up the entire street to put in the massive drains. "There are a few people in this area on this street that are handicapped and they are worried about having access to there vehicles and being about to get in and out."

Neighbors say the good out weighs the bad. "It doesn't make any sense to me that the improvements we are getting and better quality of water would be something to complain about. Yes it's going to be chaotic, but after chaos comes order," says Kaiser.

The project is set to take place over the next three years. The focus this year is on improving Diamond Avenue up to Vasser Street. The hope is that by breaking it up, It will be less of an inconveniences for those living in the neighborhood.

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