Disaster Recovery Center opens for those affected by flood in Elkhart County

NOW: Disaster Recovery Center opens for those affected by flood in Elkhart County


ELKHART, Ind. – A Disaster Recovery Center opening in Elkhart Friday morning will offer services for anyone who’s property was damaged by the historic February flood whether the damage was reported or not.

According to Elkhart County Officials, the center is located at the Lincoln Center, 608 Oakland Ave and will open at 9 a.m.

Those who need assistance will be able to receive information about FEMA programs, other disaster programs, and ask questions about their individual cases.

"It's kind of like the sky's the limit in the fact that you won't know what you're eligible for until you come down and register so we're encouraging everyone within Elkhart County to stop down at the Lincoln Center because there's more than just FEMA there and we want to make sure that we know who they are as far as having flood damage and they know who they can turn to when everybody else has gone home,” said Jennifer Tobey, Director of Elkhart County emergency management.

Representatives from FEMA, the Small Business Administration, and other agencies will be available to speak with.

Officials ask that documentation including receipts, pictures of damage, and a valid ID be provided.

“If you have any documentations or receipts, photos are always very helpful. So if you have those things and also if you have insurance, whether it’s flood insurance or homeowners insurance, a letter indicating what will or will not be covered is also very helpful and it will get your application moving fast,” said Rita Egan, FEMA media relations specialist.

In addition to the center, the Disaster Survivor Assistance Team will be heading door to door in Goshen Friday.

The center will be open seven days a week until further notice.

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