DNR recapping the summer of the bear

A black bear made a very unexpected appearance in Michiana this summer and on Wednesday night the Indiana Department of Natural Resources will host an educational program aimed at helping you prepare for the possibility of another wild summer.

Black bears in Indiana are a rare sighting but this past summer, Michiana residents were on high alert after a black bear was spotted in Northern Indiana in June.

It was the southernmost black bear movement in more than a decade.

And DNR officials said it was unusual but exciting for a Michigan lake shore black bear to move this far south.

But that excitement was mixed with fear for many Michiana residents and on Wednesday night, the DNR hopes to put some of that anxiety to rest.

Wednesday night’s presentations which begin at 6 and last until 7:30, will recap last summer’s sighting and go over the ecology and behavior of black bears.

And most important of all, cover ways to minimize potentially life threatening interactions with the wild animal.

The program will be hosted by the DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife and is free to the public. 

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