Dream Catcher Ranch looking for a new home

PLYMOUTH, Ind.-- A few weeks ago we told you about a therapeutic horse ranch that was at risk of losing everything. A similar ranch in South Dakota saw our story and wants to step in and save them from shutting down.

For the children who ride there regularly this is truly a blessing, but not all of their dreams have come true.

They are still trying to find temporary housing for their horses before the South Dakota Ranch can even begin to help. This is proving to be a challenge for the head of Dream Catcher Ranch because their deadline to leave the farm is this weekend.

One horse named Chip nuzzled a little boy's forehead as they said their goodbyes. Chip is being relocated to another stable in Lafayette while the charity looks for a new stable to board their horses.

Chris Engle, the director of Dream Catcher Ranch said “But you never know what God will bring. And when you say goodbye something good will happen and I truly believe that. Even though this isn’t good right now, I hope that this will turn into something really incredible.”

Engle is looking to keep the ranch going but high rent and insurance rates are forcing her to find a new location for the charity.

Fortunately the ranch in South Dakota says they will step in to help once Dream Catcher Ranch can officially become a non profit.

Cray Barden, a rider at Dream Catcher Ranch said “They mean a lot to me. And Wednesday and Chip are my favorites and I really hope they don’t leave.”

Cray Barden's mother says these horses have been instrumental in helping her two kids with their disabilities.

“After she started coming here I don’t know what it is about kids and horses, but she’s bonded with them so much, she loves them and she draws pictures of them. It’s therapy for her and it really helps her!” Karen Barden said.

Now this unique therapy is on the line. Engle has until this weekend before she will be forced to leave the land these horses called home for over twenty years.

Engle says leaving this place where she has seen miracles won’t be easy. The ranch has just three days to find a temporary home for their remaining horses.

Next, they are looking for a permanent home for their charity. If you know of a farm that could help in the short or long term call Chris Engle at 574-952-8661.

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