Drought hits local food pantry

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – The summer drought has taken another victim. It’s well-known that the dry weather is affecting local farmers’ crops, but now that could be trickling down to local food pantries.

Marijo Martinec with the Food Bank of Northern Indiana said on Monday that they heavily rely on fresh food donations in the fall, and if farmers have less this year, then so will the pantries.

"We are keeping our fingers-crossed in knowing that it may not come to fruition because of the drought," said Martinec.

She said it’s hard to pinpoint how much is donated from farmers every year, but they are an organization that relies on the generosity of people and that means for everyone’s sake they’re hoping for rain.

"We really desperately need that rain. They need to grow their crops and take those, sell those, and then the excess they give to us," added Martinec.

Summer is already a time when demand is high for the pantry’s services and food is flying off the shelves. This increase in need is in part because seasonal jobs are over and schools are out for the summer.

So they’re asking if you have anything to donate please do so.

The pantry is always in need of non-perishable items like breakfast cereals, canned meats, and pasta.

The Food Bank of Northern Indiana is located at 702 Chapin Street, South Bend and you can contact them at 574-232-9986.



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