Easter celebration at Amish Acres

NAPPANEE, Ind. -- Amish acres in Nappanee put on an Easter feast fit for a king.

Dishes included homemade mashed potatoes, deep-fried chicken, and of course the honey-glazed ham.
The line for this extravagant dinner was out the door almost all day!
And, while mom and dad were eating the big buffet, the children were busy hunting for Easter eggs at Amish Acres Annual Easter Egg Hunt!
The kids were split into three different age groups and each group had to collect ten eggs in order to get a prize.
Over 2,000 people enjoyed the event through the day.
We caught up with the man who's owned Amish Acres for over forty years, and he makes it his mission to bring  the country life to those who may have never experienced it before.
"The vision has always been to make it a family place and have kids enjoy the farm atmosphere. Many of these kids come from cities and they don't even know what a garden is, or what horses pulling a wagon looks like," said Amish Acres owner, Dick Pletcher.

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