Effort to have all remains returned to their mothers

NOW: Effort to have all remains returned to their mothers

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—2,246 fetal remains were found at the home of former South Bend abortionist, Ulrich Klopfer’s home and today local activists, state officials, and former patients held a press conference to voice their concerns and need for answers.

The press conference was held in front of the now defunct Women’s Pavilion right off of Ironwood, where Klopfer used to practice.

This is not the first time his name has been in the news—in 2014 there were investigations surrounding improper record keeping along with his indefinite license suspension in 2016. Even though he died on September 3rd, many still cannot forget him.

Former patient, Serena Dyksen, has spent a life time healing from the trauma she faced years ago. But after hearing the news she was brought back to that dark time in her life and now she wants to be a light for other post-abortive mothers trying to heal.

Dyksen is calling for lawmakers to demand DNA testing of all the fetal remains so that mothers can be united with their children and that their bodies can be laid to rest.

Local activists and state lawmakers came together to shed light on the issues surrounding Klopfer and his practices and are also calling for action. The Saint Joseph County Right to Life Executive Director, Jackie Appleman, said they are looking to have all of Klopfers former facilities inspected, all remains identified and then hopefully connect them with mothers to finally put them to rest.

And State Representative of the 49th District, Christy Stutzman, said that the clinic’s history is cause for investigation enough. Stutzman hopes to bring the investigation forward to find the cracks and exactly how this was passed. Somewhere, someone knows something and the state is planning to go through and create protocol so that this will never happen again.

ABC57 reached out to the Will County coroner and police offices, however have declined to provide any new updates at this time. 

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