Election workers trained on sanitizing ahead of Tuesday

NOW: Election workers trained on sanitizing ahead of Tuesday

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — After concern of not having enough of election workers because of pandemic fears, St. Joseph County Board of Elections told ABC57 it’s confident ahead of Tuesday’s primary day.

“Everybody seems very willing who has signed up,” County Election Board Chair Catherine Fanello said Saturday.

Training each of the almost 30 poll workers at the County-City Building Saturday for two hours isn’t exactly the routine either in socially distanced conditions, which includes stopping the spread from polling machine surfaces by wiping them after each voter is done.

Longtime poll worker Vicki Tompos said she expects staff and voters themselves will be safe from the coronavirus.

“There are a lot of people who are afraid to even leave their homes,” Tompos said.
“But most people that are voters that are intent on voting will either have already done their absentee vote, or they will come.”

Even with fewer polling locations and the ongoing pandemic, pay for the workers remains at about 100 dollars despite working at least 12 hours.

Voting information statewide can be found here.

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