Elementary schoolers dazzled by visit from Harlem Globetrotter

NOW: Elementary schoolers dazzled by visit from Harlem Globetrotter

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The Harlem Globetrotters are known worldwide for the flashy skills and impeccable teamwork displayed on the court. Some of that was even shared in a South Bend school Thursday.

Harrison Elementary fourth grader Aiyannah Robinson particularly got a kick out of the visit by ‘Trotter Briana “Hoops” Green, a three-year veteran of the team.

“I think a lot of people liked it because we were mostly cheering a lot,” fourth grader Aiyannah Robinson said. “And I mean a lot!”

“I love coming to schools, because I remember being this age and I just think it’s pretty cool,” Green said. “But also so they can hear the message.”

Messages of teamwork and encouragement echoed throughout the 45-minute long event from Green.

“I think what she was teaching about ‘T.E.A.M.’ would really help schools because we need to learn to work together,” Robinson said.

Green - who also has a master’s degree in sports management - said girls of any age can take pride in friendship and pursue their dreams.

“It doesn’t even have to be basketball,” Green said. “(If it’s) anything that’s positive and they’re passionate about, then why not?”

Green is also just the fifteenth woman to don the striped shorts in the team's 94 year history.

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