Elkhart Chief Police talks about strengthening relationships with the Latino community

Almost two months into his role as head of the police department and Elkhart Chief Police Ed Windbigler has agreed to meet with the Latino Community on Friday to address a wide range of community issues.

“If there are issues that community leaders are seeing I need to hear those and we need to work on those issues together,” says Windbigler.

Windbigler will spend his Friday evening here at Tolson Center hoping to strengthen the relationship between his police department and the Latino Community.

“You just have to have an open mind I think is the biggest thing and be willing to listen to what other people perceive as issues,” says Windbigler.

Delia Vazquez who organized the community meeting says fear of officers because of immigration status and improving communication will be front and center.

“Our oath is to protect the citizens and if somebody has a complaint I want them to feel safe enough to call and know that everything will be dealt with,” says Windbigler.

Chief Windbigler admits that issues that are straining the relationship between this community and police will take time.

“I try to have empathy but at the same time I have an obligation. Do we need to work on a common ground and work on some answers absolutely can we do it in one meeting no,” says Windbigler.

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