Elkhart County 4-H Fair's masterplan will keep it relevant for generations to come

NOW: Elkhart County 4-H Fair’s masterplan will keep it relevant for generations to come

ELKHART, Ind. -- Every year the Elkhart County 4-H Fair's organizers work to make it bigger and better. They want it to be as important as it is now for generations to come.

The fair as we enjoy it today is thanks in part due the work and planning that spans years.

The fair is a giant economic boost to the community and the fairgrounds serve a purpose all year long, which is why the continued investment the facilities is very important.

We come to the fair to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and tastes from the 4-H competitions to concerts to the fair food.

The 147th Elkhart County 4-H Fair is expected to bring out more than 200,000.

Mark Kritzman, the President of this year’s fair, is responsible for coming up with the theme. He has been working on preparations all year long.

“Our theme, it’s Faith, Family, 4-H and Friends. Forming a better world," Kritzman said.

Even beyond this year he’s looking to the future of the fairgrounds. It’s all part of a master plan to keep it going and growing.

"The master plan at the fair is a culmination of thoughts, the staff, the board members, the community as to what the Elkhart County Fair need and to where the Elkhart County fair and fairgrounds should go over the next 5, 15, 20 years," Kritzman said.

The county hired a firm out of Knoxville to help put together the masterplan.

So far there are some big ideas that could be implemented.

“We broke it down into phase 1, expanded camping facilities, utilities, water sewer electric," Kritzman said.

After that, a new multipurpose show pavilion, a new equine area and more.

It doesn’t matter that some already consider Elkhart County to have the best fair in Indiana.

“Change is constant and we need to be continue to change to be relevant," Kritzman said.

Kritzman says sticking to this master plan isn’t just a dream, it can be a reality, and it will keep the Elkhart County 4-H Fair and fairgrounds relevant for years to come.

“It’s an investment in our future. I don’t want it to be a burden on our children or grandchildren or anything like that, I want them to 20, 30, 40 years from now to feel like I do, standing here, now blessed and grateful that the people before us brought this forward," Kritzman said.

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