Elkhart gas stations pump out lower prices

ELKHART, Ind. – Despite rising prices at the pump, some stations in Elkhart were still selling gas at $3.55 per gallon Tuesday morning.

The majority of gas stations across Michiana raised prices by 20 cents or more during the overnight hours Monday.

However, three stations, located on Cassopolis Street, between County Road 4 and Bristol Street, were busy Tuesday morning as their signs advertised gas for 30 cents cheaper than the local average.

The gas stations still offering cheaper pump prices included a Phillips 66, located just off of the exit 92 on the Toll Road, a Speedway on Cassopolis Street, south of County Road 6, and a Swifty gas station, just north of Bristol Street.

Several other stations located on Cassopolis Street sold gas at the higher prices, ranging from $3.75 to $3.85 per gallon, despite the nearby competition offering significantly lower prices.


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