Elkhart launches new program to encourage online shopping at local vendors

NOW: Elkhart launches new program to encourage online shopping at local vendors

ELKHART, Ind.--- The city of Elkhart is launching a new program Monday to encourage online shopping at local retailers. Downtown to You will allow people living in Elkhart to purchase items that will be wrapped and delivered to their doorstep. 

City officials and small business owners hope Downtown to You will help local business compete with the likes of Amazon on Cyber Monday.

"Danny, the owner of Stephenson’s, and a few other retailers had the idea of being able to provide online shopping to their customers in addition to same day delivery," said Ashley Elsasser, Assistant Director of Economic Development, for the city of Elkhart. 

The program was developed in just about a week and emphasizes the importance of shopping locally especially during a pandemic ridden holiday season.

"There are a lot of great retailers, merchants, restaurants down here," said Danny Reynolds of Stephenson's of Elkhart. "Obviously it’s a tough time for all of them but everyone works together so well so I just kind of pitched the idea to our merchant’s alliance and everyone was very receptive."

An added perk of Downtown to You will be same day delivery that isn't currently available in Elkhart. 

"Even the big mail order guys can’t offer, at least in our market, same day delivery service," said Reynolds. "It enables us to have that power of delivery but also the power of human touch and knowing what our customers like."

For more information on Downtown to You click here.

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