Elkhart neighborhood reacts to fatal hit-and-run incident

Neighbors living in an Elkhart neighborhood reacted Saturday night's hit-and-run incident occurred. 

A group of five people was struck by a vehicle late last night on Beardsley St. near Cassopolis St. Three of those people have died, two are in local hospitals. 

Jay Page lives in the Cassopolis and Beardsley St. neighborhood. He said he doesn't know the victims of Saturday night's hit and run well. 

"They were happy," said Page. "I mean they were just living life."

Horacio Hernandez lives the neighborhood with his three sons. He said he was worried when he saw last night's crime scene. 

"I saw all the tape and the whole block taped off and I was really concerned just about my kids when I was pulling up," Hernandez said. "I know how busy this street is right here and I know how it gets on the weekend with people and traffic."

Hernandez said the high speeds on Beardsley and Cassopolis St. worries him and other families living in the neighborhood.

"The park is right there," said Hernandez. "This is a big neighborhood right here so kids are always wanting to cross right here."

His children said after hearing about last night's incident, they are scared. 

"We do play around here a lot and sometimes there's crazy drivers that go pretty fast up and down the road," said Adrian Castro.

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