Elkhart’s Tolson Advisory Committee meets for the first time

NOW: Elkhart’s Tolson Advisory Committee meets for the first time

ELKHART, Ind.—Mayor Tim Neese established an advisory board to take a closer look at the Tolson Center. On Tuesday, they held their first meeting.

The committee has until April to come up with a plan to present to the City Council.

The board is made up of representatives from the Tolson Center past and present, a rep from Elkart Community Schools, community members, and District 4 Councilman Dwight Fish.

Fish was a big advocate for the center in the city’s 2018 budget process.

“Tolson is still as strong as it’s ever been. The people who are here are as passionate as they’ve always been. Now we’re going to clear the air, tighten up some parts of it and maybe have some logistical elements that the council may really see how well its been doing and they’re going to find that it’s a well-oiled machine it just needs to be given the right tools, right funding and we could be right back up where we were,” says Fish.

In what will be the first of many meetings, the committee discussed what their mission statement should look like.

They agreed to aim towards maintaining a safe space that’s welcome to all kids, with a focus on education and diversity.

“I’m excited because I like the brain thrust that is here, I like the positivity that was brought to it and I like the opportunity to shape the future of the tolson center,” says Reverend Dannell Brown, Chairmen of Tolson Advisory Board.

The next meeting is planned for December 12th at the Roosevelt Center at 6 pm. The public is more than welcome to attend but they wont hear public comment until the following meeting. In the meantime—you can be heard by contacting the Tolson Center, the mayor’s office or the city council.

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