Elkhart set to host "Kick Butt Day" event

In the U.S., nearly half a million people die per year from tobacco use.

To help curb those numbers, students across the country will participate in a daylong event to fight youth tobacco use.

For the past 12 years, youth in Elkhart have come together to fight tobacco and on Wednesday that battle continues at the Holiday Skate Center as part of “Kick Butt Day.”

Students from Elkhart county schools have been collecting tobacco filters for display, as part of a new initiative called “waste tobacco filters.”

The display will hold some of the 1.6 billion pounds of cigarette butt litter that becomes toxic trash every year.

Youth also will get the chance to write letter to tobacco companies that show how they feel about the prospect of becoming replacement smokers-.

Across the country, other young people will march to state capitals, hold rallies, and meet with elected officials.

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