Elkhart set to vote on sewer proposal

ELKHART, Ind. — This week, Elkhart City Council members are set to vote on a controversial sewer ordinance proposal once again. It would affect businesses outside of the city limits. 

The debate has been going on for months and after many drafts, there hasn't been one single solution council members have been able to agree on. 

And many living in Elkhart are hoping that won't be the case when the proposal comes up for a vote.

The proposal is simple.

Take businesses paying 75 percent of the city's tax rate and reduce it to 35 percent. Then, take those paying close to zero and raise it to 25 percent.

Although it may sound fair on paper, it has many business owners and community members upset.

At a meeting in June, one business owner compared what the council is doing to betting against a stacked deck in Las Vegas.

Right now, many homes in the county are not sure how much signing the sewer compact will cost them. And that's why they are opting out.

It's allowing them to pay the same fees to connect to sewage as businesses within city limits.

The meeting is expect to start at 7 p.m. Monday at City Hall and is open to the public.  A special meeting on the sewer proposal is set for Thursday.

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