Elkhart teen found dead in abandoned house

An Elkhart teen who disappeared on February 5th was found dead in an abandoned house off of Ball Drive in Elkhart Friday afternoon.

The teen was identified as 16-year-old Devin Borkowski of Elkhart.

Haley Riffle, 14, was a friend of Devin and said she met him a couple years ago when they attended John Young Middle School in Mishawaka.

She said she tried to contact him through Facebook after he disappeared but he did not respond.

“I just kind of heard and saw things on Facebook about him being missing. I didn't know what to think. I was worried about him and didn't know where he was," said Riffle.

She said they became good friends in middle school and would often Skype for hours at a time.

“Me and him talked a lot, we hung out a little bit, we were really close," Riffle added.

The cause of Borkowski's death will be determined at autopsy.

The autopsy is scheduled for Monday at the Elkhart County Coroner's Office.
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