Elkhart woman pleads guilty to killing her husband

NOW: Elkhart woman pleads guilty to killing her husband

ELKHART, Ind.-- 40-year-old Angelica Castillo pleaded guilty to killing her husband, 41-year-old Elder Castillo.

Angelica Castillo was set to go to trial on March 4th but pleaded in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Elkhart police say Castillo shot and killed her husband, Elder Castillo Sr. in May of 2018.

Investigators say Angelica hid his body in the couple’s home and drained Elder’s bank accounts.

After being on the run for months, police were able to track Angelica down in Georgia.

The withdrawals made from Elder Castillo’s bank account led police to her. 

One of elder’s family members, Karrie Castillon, said "I have mixed emotions about her plea. We all knew she was guilty so that was no surprise, but I guess I thought a trial would help me understand why she did what she did. Now that we're just waiting for sentencing, I just pray that she gets what she deserves, which for me would be life."

As part of the plea agreement Angelica Castillo now faces 45 years in prison, 20 years less than the maximum for murder.

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