Emergency crews urge drivers to stay off roads

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Because of bad road conditions, many counties in Michiana have issued travel emergencies, meaning any unnecessary travelers are subject to being ticketed.

ABC 57's Eric Cox spent most of Tuesday morning talking to Clay Fire Marshall Dave Cherrone about the importance of obeying the travel watch and ways to help make things easier for emergency responders.

"In an emergency, seconds count," said Cherrone. "We want to get there and do what we can as fast as we can."

Clay Fire Marshall Cherrone gave ABC 57 the following tips:

-Don't drive, unless it's necessary. If you get stranded somewhere, crews will have to come and rescue you, meaning they won't be available to answer other emergency calls. You're also creating another driving hazard for road crews to worry about.

-If you have to drive, stay on the main roads.

-Clear the snow off the address on your home so emergency responders can locate you quicker and easier.

-Keep all entrances to your home clear.

-If you have a fire hydrant near your home, make sure it's visible and accessible.

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