Erase Meanness Pledge Day

Wednesday is the first official Erase Meanness Pledge Day across the globe. The pledge is expected to reach over 30,000 students on 6 continents.

‘Erasing Meanness’ is a series of lessons Eric Johnson started in his classroom back in 2012.

He wanted to help his students recognize that the choices they make today will impact the future.

He wanted them to think, even at a young age, what their legacy was going to be long term.

Last year, events drew about 5,000 kids to sign up to make the pledge. There was a combination of some local Mishawaka schools and a few across the globe.

Now, three years later, he has a popular website, wristbands worn worldwide, and thousands of students pledging their promises to be kind.

His most recent addition to the pledge: a school all the way in Abu Dhabi.

Johnson said, “It’s a school that primarily teaches American kids there. They adopted it. It’s a school wide effort. When that comes across your email and you’re just like ‘wow,’ it’s neat to have other people realize that it’ll make a difference in their classrooms and with their kids. And to have that kind of reach is really cool.”

If you’d like to get involved, you can reach out to Johnson on his website

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