Essential workers helping keep things going amid major snow storm

NOW: Essential workers helping keep things going amid major snow storm

WARSAW, Ind. --- The storm started as rain Wednesday morning, but gradually turned into all snow from north to south as the afternoon wore on, with strong winds coupled with heavy snowfall and the possibility things getting worse Thursday for southern cities like Warsaw.

But despite conditions some people still have to go into work and sometimes that means stopping for gas—which is why a local gas station employee ABC57 spoke with worked to make sure fueling up is as easy as possible.

James Richards works at Kroger Gas station here in Warsaw. He said he’s been on the clock since 11 am and mentioned the conditions have only gotten worse throughout the day with snow starting to come down fast.

And with the snow falling and the traffic still slowing at the gas station Richards said he’s clearing off snow as frequent as possible to make it easier on customers already dealing with tough road conditions!

“I’ve just been shoveling and putting some salt down to make sure nobody slips and falls,” said James Richards who works at the local Kroger Gas Station in Warsaw. “I mean it’s not the best situation but we all got to work.”

Early Wednesday afternoon officials declared an orange level threat for the entire county, meaning conditions are a threat to the public and they’re only urging essential travel.

Plow truck drivers have been out all day cleaning the roads as quick as they can, but with snow continuing to fall they urged everyone to exercise caution.

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