Evansville students sacrifice playground equipment for tornado victim

EVANSVILLE, Ind. -- Survivors of last week's devastating tornadoes are still picking up what's left of their belongings.

Some items are turning up miles away!

Some Good Samaritans are making sure the victims get their things back.

Janis Choisser survived the Harrisburg, Ill. tornado. Many of her things ended up 60 miles away.

Students at Holy Redeemer School in Evansville found her wedding photo, and even her checkbook! Now, they are doing their part to help her rebuild.

"We wanted to send it over there because we saw a lot of pictures of all the tornado and we felt
terrible about all that and we wanted to help rebuild things," said Emily Braun, a Holy Redeemer student.

Get this! The students even voted to donate money from their boxtops fundraiser to help Choisser. That money was originally supposed to buy new playground equipment for their school.

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