Expert speaks on Midwest deer contracting COVID-19

NOW: Expert speaks on Midwest deer contracting COVID-19

Humans aren’t the only ones catching COVID-19 – deer are too. ABC57 spoke with Dr. Wendy Beauvais, assistant professor at the Purdue University College of Veterinary Science, on why hunters should not worry about contracting COVID-19 from deer.

The USDA has found deer in both Illinois and Michigan testing positive for the virus recently.

“As of yet, I am not aware of evidence of people being infected by deer" … “The most important thing from a human perspective right now is to prevent the transition in humans. We know vaccines are effective to prevent transmission, and they will also protect from transmission from deer as well," Beauvais said.

Hunters and anyone who eats fresh venison should be safe. Experts, however, do want hunters to be careful when field-dressing deer. They want you to wear gloves and work on a disinfected surface.

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