Fair officials keeping rides safe

People from all across Michiana are expected to come out for the 90th annual St. Joseph County 4-H Fair July 3-11.

Many of those people will come out for the fair rides. However, before anyone goes for a spin in one of the rides in the Midway area, fair officials want to make sure they are safe, according to 4-H Fair Board President Jim Caldwell.

“Safety overall is hugely important to us. We don’t want somebody coming in here and getting injured. The ride company we work with is diligent; they’re the best in the business," said Caldwell.

There are 35 rides this year on Midway and each one has its own checklist of standards.

“Before opening every day, each ride has its own individual check sheet that the guys go through at least an hour before opening. There may be bearings they have to grease, alignment of wheels, tire pressures, those sorts of things,” said Blake Huston, General Manager of North American Midway Entertainment.

The rides are also inspected by the state to make sure they are ready for use.

“The state inspectors come in and that’s one of the things they’re concerned about most; does the operator of the ride know exactly how that ride should work," Caldwell added.

During the time of the fair, there is a full-time maintenance department on scene if anything needs to be fixed. Also, first responders are on scene in case of any type of accident.

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