Faith leaders pray for change in South Bend

NOW: Faith leaders pray for change in South Bend


SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Monday morning ministers, pastors and community leaders gathered at the County-City Building to pray for peace among recent violence and police mistrust.

Faith leaders say South Bend isn’t dying, but the city is sick.

“We’ve got to bring about change because there’s so much violence that even peace abiding citizens are concerned for their own safety,” said Rev. Sylvester Williams, Jr., Senior Pastor at Interfaith Christian Union.

The community is reeling after car break in suspect Eric Logan was shot and killed by a South Bend Police Officer, who did not have his body camera activated, two weeks ago. Then, last weekend Brandon Williams of Niles was killed and 10 others injured in a mass shooting outside Kelly’s Pub.

“It kind of divided everything once again,” said Shane Williams, who was in attendance at the prayer meeting.

Prayers of healing and peace were lifted prayers for city leaders on Monday, including Mayor Pete, who was in the audience, but did not speak at the event.

 “Our community is in need of reconciliation is in need to be redeemed and revived, and it starts with him,” said Rev. Williams.

Rev. Sylvester Williams, Jr. asked the mayor to declare a day of redemption.” Where all the citizens reflect and begin to evaluate how they can make a difference and bring our city back to life again,” he said.

“We have faith enough to believe that prayer works and prayer changes things,” said Williams.

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