Fall Foliage: When will we start to see the vibrant fall colors in Michiana?

From pumpkin carving to apple picking to corn mazes, there are plenty of outdoor activities to do across Michiana now that we have transitioned from summer to autumn.  One such fall activity includes leaf peeping, which is when people go on road trips to take photos or just admire the fall foliage at its peak.  However, much of our area is still covered in a green, summer-like landscape.  When will we start to see the vibrant fall foliage in our area?

The answer could be as early as this weekend.  By Saturday, September 26th, we’ll start to see patches of leaves turning yellow and orange in parts of Michiana, especially in our northern most counties (Fig. 1).  By early October, most of Michiana will be near the peak stages (Fig. 2).  Finally, mark your calendars because a month from now, most of our area will be past the peak stages of fall color, which means leaf pick-up (usually not the most favorable of the fall festivities).  Some spots in our southwest counties will still be at the peak by October 24th.  Those areas include Pulaski & southern Fulton Counties (Fig. 3).  

Start planning your autumn activities now to ensure the best timing for the peak fall foliage in all of your fall photos.  At least the first week of autumn is looking pleasant and summer-like.  Check out the full forecast here for updates and more.  

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