Family of man fatally shot speak out

SOUTH BEND, Ind. –  The family of Christopher Chism, the man who died in the shooting outside a South Bend bar Sunday morning, said they are heartbroken and confused.

Chism’s mom said she would have never expected this.

“No, not at all,” Kim McElvene said.

McElvene is Chism’s mother and said she never would have expected her son to be involved in a deadly shooting.

McElvene said she is done with all of the gunfire in South Bend.

“I’m tired. I’m just tired of the gun violence. They need to put the guns down,” she said.

Chism's aunt, Betty Washington, described the 32-year-old as kind and caring.

“He’s always, always, always been there for me. He comes over and is like hey bell, I got you. Whatever you need. Whatever you want. You know I’m here for you. That’s the kind of person he was. He was always just a loving person,” Washington said.

She sat next to other family members today mourning their loss.

“I’ve always kept other moms in my prayers because I see the violence that’s been going on and them burying their sons. Never thinking it would come to my family. Now when it attacks home, it hurts, it really hurts,” she said.

Shawn Lottie grew up with Chism and says something needs to be done to get people to put down their guns.

“This shocked me. Basically, is what I was saying. He didn’t have any enemies. He didn’t really do anything to anybody. He just liked having a good time. This bothered me. Somebody needs to do something,” Lottie said.

For right now, the family just wants to remember Chism for who he was.

“He would always, always never leave without saying I love you, I love you. I said I love you back,” Washington said.

Dimond Johnson is five months pregnant with Chism's son, so his death is hitting her especially hard.

Johnson has been with Chris for the last two years. They met at a grocery store.

She describes him as being a funny and loving person that brightens up a room with his smile.

Now that he is gone, she will have to raise their son alone.

“It’s hard but I got to stay strong for his family,” Johnson said. “When he’s old enough, I will tell him. I’m quite sure they’ll be right by me when I do.”

She said the family is very supportive and that when her child is born, she just wants to set the right example.

Police have still not made any arrests following the shooting. Two others were injured in the shooting.

Metro Homicide is asking you to give them a call if you know anything about what happened.

The family is holding a candlelight vigil Tuesday night in Chism’s honor.

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