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Family releases fatal crash video revealing new details

SOUTH BEND, IN. -- Brand new video is raising some questions.

It's surveillance video showing the moment a South Bend police officer crashed into a 22-year-old mother-- killing her. 

On July 20, Erica Flores was killed in a car crash involving South Bend officer Justin Gorny. 

A bent tree is what evidence is left of what happened on Western Avenue but now, this video released by the Flores family, may change that. 

This video shows Flores pulling into the intersection when Gorney's cruiser crashes into the driver's side of the car. 

What it also shows is officer Gorney running the red light at 90 miles per hour with his siren off, his lights turned on only seconds before the impact. 

The Flores family have filed a notice of tort claim which alerts the city lawsuit will be filed.

Right now we're waiting for a statement from the family. 

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