Family remembers lives lost in Buchanan car crash

NOW: Family remembers lives lost in Buchanan car crash


BRIDGMAN, Mich. - Family of the four people killed in a car crash are breaking their silence. Not in anger but in forgiveness.

Despite police saying that the driver at fault may have been drunk and speeding at the time, the family is focusing on sharing their memories.

Robert, Melissa, and Landyn Klint, as well as Kent Williamson, were on their way to see The Lion King when a car ran through a stop sign, hitting their car, and ending their lives.

We spoke to two brothers who lost two siblings in a single moment, but they aren’t mad and they aren’t just looking for justice.

At the intersection of Miller and Main in Buchanan Township, four of Eric Williamson’s family members were killed.

Brad Williamson said that after a tragic incident like this, forgiveness is the key to healing.

“Justice is a story about the law that holds us together and it doesn’t heal. Justice punishes but it doesn’t prevent it can bring closure but it doesn’t build a future,” Brad said.

Eric remembers his younger brother Kent, the filmmaker.

“He loved to tell stories that matter,” Eric said.

He said how each one of them touched his life in a different way and described his brother-in-law, Robert Klint as “steadfast and diligent husband full of compassion with a heart for Christ.”

Eric said his little sister was known for how she cared for others.

“To be an open heart for people who needed an open heart. And she saw that primarily as a reflection of Christ’s mercy and grace to her,” he said. “She was called to extend that from him through her to other people.”

Brad said his sisters caring was shown every day through her love of her daughter Landyn, who had autism.

“Intensely caring person who could see past all of the defects in our lives and see who we were,” he said.

Brad described Landyn as an angel.

“What we saw was an angel,” he said.

Although there is sorrow and loss, the family has faith to guide them through grieving.

“We have family-shaped holes in our family now, but even in the midst of that, we can rejoice with them, because we know where they are,” Eric said.

Brad said there is justice in forgiveness and that will help them to heal.

“Kent would have said, we seek justice but what we really want is mercy all of us want mercy including people who break the law and drive motor vehicles,” he said.

And this won’t be the last time they see their family.

“We’re not saying goodbye to my family, we’re saying okay we’ll see you in a while,” Eric said.

Police say there are no updates yet as far as the investigation goes.

The funeral is Wednesday and memorial service is Thursday at the Lake Michigan Christian Center in Bridgman.

Police say there are no updates yet as far as the investigation goes. However, we did find out that the suspect, in this case, 53-year-old Dub Collins is currently being held on a parole detainer for the Michigan Department of Corrections. He was charged in 2014 for operating a meth lab.

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