Father of man charged in neighbor's killing speaks out

NOW: Father of man charged in neighbor’s killing speaks out

SOUTH BEND, Ind - 17 year old Caleb Mayes of South Bend is being charged with murdering his 17-year-old neighbor Aubry Edwards.

St. Joseph County Prosecutors say the July 4th shooting happened outside the Mayes home.

According to Court documents Caleb Mayes allegedly shot Edwards in a car in Mayes' driveway at approximately 2:00am.

Before the shooting Mayes allegedly said “I’m going to kill Aubry.”

After the shooting he allegedly said "Y’all didn’t think I would do it" and "I just shot him.”

When the Police arrived Mayes was hiding in the bathroom and his father Sean Mayes told Police he was the shooter.

“It’s an unfortunate situation and I guess the message I’d like for everybody including kids to know is you gotta stop the violence” Sean Mayes, the father of Caleb Mayes said.

Caleb Mayes is still in custody and he will be in court on Friday for a bail hearing.

"There's no winners here. It's an unfortunate situation," Sean said. "I just want to give the victims' family my condolences. I know they're grieving and in a lot of pain as we are."

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