FDA lowers age restriction on Plan B morning-after pill

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Teens 15 years and older can now get the morning after pill without a prescription. Tuesday the FDA approved the lower the age limit.

ABC 57 talked to parents in Michiana about the controversial decision. We found parents who are both for it and against it.

Some say 15 is too young, that the morning-after pill should require a prescription and have a higher age limit so parents can always know what their kids are doing.

Yet others say every woman, no matter their age, should have access to the morning-after pill.

Before now, only women 17 years and older could get the Plan B one step emergency contraceptive over-the-counter.

The FDA says it will still be available without a prescription, but now the Plan B pill will require stores to check women's ID before they can buy it. A requirement that will now be printed right on the label.

Still, there is a huge debate on who this pill should be available to.

"As a parent, I think it is important that we are all watching our children and being mindful of the things that they are doing," says Vanessa Jackson. "So, I think that by giving a 15-year-old the opportunity to go to the store and get this morning-after pill, you are not giving parents the chance to be parents."

"If that age group can get pregnant, then that age group needs to have this available," says Mary Ellen Baker. "Especially if they have a situation with their parents where their parents would want them to have it and they don't want to have it and they want to be able to have a career. So, they should be able to have that pill."

The FDA's newly approved age requirement is only for the Plan B one step pill. The other two morning-after pills currently on the market will not be affected.

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