Female students react to Fr. Ted's passing


Jackie Broussaeu, a law student, said "It's just after 2 a.m. and we just left the Basilica for Fr. Hesburgh's visitation."

Students spent hours waiting in long lines to pay their respects to Father Hesburgh during his visitation.

Lisa Raaf, a senior, said, "Without him we wouldn't be here."

"Notre Dame wouldn't be what it is today without him," said Broussaeu.

Freshmen from McGlynn Hall, an all girls dorm on campus, said they never got to meet Fr. Ted personally. But they said he left a lasting impact on their college experience.

Alex Patterson, a freshman, said, "Everything going on this week just shows how much Notre Dame is a community."

Even with midterms and final papers, students are still paying their respects and celebrating his life and legacy this week.

But one thing overpowers the heavy course load.

"A lot of grief," said Patterson. 

"You find a way to prioritize you set aside school for a little bit for things like this," said freshman Stephanie Buersmeyer.

And as women at the university, this visitation was extra special.

Emily Cunningham, a junior, said "It was nice to pay our respects especially being women at the University of Notre Dame. He's the reason we're here so that's why we are up at 1 a.m. in the morning because we really owe it to him."
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