Fifth annual Michiana Middle School All-Star Tournament

NOW: Fifth annual Michiana Middle School All-Star Tournament

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Young, local hoopers all showed off their talent on the court in the Michiana Middle School All-Star Tournament!

“Being able to showcase your talent, I think it makes them elevate their game to another level,” says Brian Foster, organizer of the tournament.

Out of nearly 600 to choose from, six teams made up of local 6th, 7th, and 8th grade standouts all came to play each other and play for the all-star trophies.

Middle school and elementary coaches recommend them, they send recommendations for who they think should play in the all-star game and then we pick them from there,” Foster explains.

Among the parents cheering on the sidelines was a local group called Gentlemen and Scholars, and they were encouraging the players to ‘scholar up’.

“It’s like a mantra to be the best that you can be and bring out the best version of yourself,” explains William Douglas, a member of Gentlemen and Scholars. “When we go around to events like this, we yell ‘scholar up’ and elevate their game.”

Many outstanding athletes have their roots in Michiana, and that’s something Foster says is a key motivating factor for the all-stars.

“When you have big names like Jaden Ivey, you got Devin Cannady, Demetrius Jackson, Blake Wesley, all from our community that’s winning and that plays in the NBA, I think the kids look at that and they try to push themselves to be great,” says Foster.

The tournament is a way to keep the kids from violence and bring the community together through the love of basketball.

“It’s a great way to bring the youth together,” says another member of Gentlemen and Scholars, Cory Brazier. “Show them that we can play together without too many attitudes, without aggression, just have fun and showcase the kids.”

The tournament for the local lady hooper all-stars is coming up in February.

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