Fire crews respond to Adams High School

Fire crews responded Tuesday afternoon to Adams High School after the South Bend Community School Corporation says a fire sprinkler was activated in the band room.

Spokeswoman Sue Coney says the sprinkler went off around 3:15 p.m.

This then prompted the fire alarm to ring, the building to be evacuated, and South Bend Fire Department crews to show up at the high school.  

The SBFD completed an investigation and found no fire happened at the high school. 

A dialer message was sent out to parents this afternoon:


Today, November 18 at 3:15 pm a fire sprinkler in the band room was activated. This prompted the fire alarm to ring.  We immediately evacuated the school building and the South Bend Fire Department was dispatched to Adams.  Water also began to spray in the band room causing an odor due to stagnate water from the pipes.  Upon arrival the South Bend Fire Department completed an investigation and determined that no fire had taken place and the cause of the odor was the stagnate water.  We applaud the students and staff for the manner in which they exited the building during the alarm.

Thank you,
Principal Jim Seitz
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