Fire simulation training for Benton Harbor Public Safety Department

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. --  Benton Harbor Public Safety officers are taking their training to the next level. Saturday, for the very first time, they used simulated fire burning trailers.  

According to fire fighters, this training technique is the closest you can get to running into an actual house that is on fire.

Firffighters suit up and crawl into the trailers that are full of thick smoke and flames.

The objective is to find and save dummies that are trapped inside burning trailers.

The trailers used reach about 600 degrees inside and flames stretch from the floor to the ceiling.

The two in, two out rule was put into practice during the drills.

While the rescue team was inside, there were at least two fire fighters outside, in case something went wrong and the ones in the trailer got trapped.

Jeremy Connell, Deputy Director of Benton Harbor Fire Services, says there will be many more training sessions like this one in the near future.

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