Flooding closes down several roads in Marshall County

NOW: Flooding closes down several roads in Marshall County


PLYMOUTH, Ind. --- Melting snow and rain lead to high water levels that caused several roads to close in Marshall County, which is why officials are urging everyone on the roads to be extra careful.

At last check officials identified more than 40 roads throughout Marshall County as problem areas because of flooding with at least eight roads forced to close and several more marked because of high water just from Wednesday night’s rain and melting snow.

Officials believe Thursday’s snow will make things even worse which is why they’re urging drivers to be out on the road take it slow and follow all road signs.

“Be mindful of the water that’s putting on the roads, especially on the edge of the road as you hit those it can cause your car to veer off one way or the other hour cause you to slide off into a ditch or get involved in an accident,” said Clyde Avery the Director for Marshall County’s Emergency Agency

Avery encouraged drivers not to go through barricades for closed roads or those with high water level warnings, but instead to take an alternate route.

He also urged homeowners to take the necessary precautions to protect their homes like using sandbags to help with flooding.

Sand and bags are available, but officials ask that you do bring your own shovel because the bags need to be assembled.

At last check, entire county is under a watch advisory meaning official only recommend traveling if you have to, and they're encouraged businesses and schools to implement emergency action plans.

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